“That’s a wrap”

In the past few days I’ve had so much fun filming stuff for my videoblog.
The weather has been perfect for outdoor filming and I’m taking the opportunity to record some information I’ve wanted to share for some time. But it’s also an opportunity for me to refresh the graphics and the whole look of the videoblog. Make it more dynamic and not forgetting informative

So watch out for the new uploads in the next few weeks…new information…new angles on business news and…
I just can’t wait as the excitement’s only just begun

Rehearsal time

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Diet Fads Are Bad For Management

I was talking to a group of managers earlier this week about increasing team productivity when one asked “What’s the latest thinking on this?” It didn’t surprise me as I’ve become used to team leaders and even CEO’s wanting to have the “Latest fix or fad” believing that it’s bound to be better than the previous ones.

Management can’t be like a diet fad
It’s like watching compulsive dieters trying the latest diet craze for a while before moving onto the next. Examples would be Total Quality Management in the 1980’s, more info

followed by process reenigineering and culture change. The difficulty for managers is implementing change so that it’s always beneficial to the organisation.

The expectation that the latest fad will increase profitability through competitive advantage can’t be true when every other company is adopting the same fad. I recently was interviewed by William Buist on this exact topic and a short clip from the YouTube video can be seen here  http:youtu.be/ij3nQcM9AV8

Resisting fads until they are proven to be useful might be a good strategy…but needs nerves of steel


Stephen Harvard Davis

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