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“How to Find a Dream Job Using Social Media”

So many of my friends and VIP clients have asked me how they can use social media to find a job that I’ve written a 40 page e-book to give them the information they needed. As a reader of my blog I’d like to offer you the same package.

Included is how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as many other sites.

The film explains more and the whole package can be ordered HERE

Social media ebook

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The importance of Internal networking

Last night I was the invited guest speaker at a Director’s network meeting in London and was speaking on internal networking. Feedback from the talk was excellent and I was delighted that the group seemed to gain so much.

It came as no surprise that those leading organisations find internal networking as difficult as everyone else. The group told me that:

  1. There often isn’t enough time to network and complete the daily “to do” list
  2. The difficulty is often to get other areas of the business to recognise one’s worth

In this respect the difficulties are shared with everyone else. However, a strategy of internal networking is essential if one is to have two or three vocal and continuous supporters in each area of the business. If one has then one gains support when things are difficult, forgiven more easily for mistakes and job security is increased.

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Tips for using Social Media to find a job

If you’ve been listening to the news on the BBC today you will have heard that there are 27 Graduates after every job available. It’s daunting to think that almost whatever job we apply for there will be people just as qualified, sometimes better, going for the same job.

So how do we make ourselves stand out from the crowd at an interview and particularly if we don’t have much employment experience behind us?

  • Consider the gap year (if you had one or are about to have one) and leverage learning points from that time. Employers are all to willing to listen to “gap year adventures”  as long as they bring to the job some enthusiasm, experience of overcoming problems and a wider focus on the world.
  • If you find yourself with time to spare, how can you fill it doing something worthwhile that delivers leadership skills, care skills and so on. Running a youth football team or other charitable work could be something you would find interesting.
  • Offering your services to a national or local politician as a researcher or office worker. Who knows, you might get a job out of it.

Make sure that these experiences are added onto your on-line resume (CV) as soon as you start so as to keep people in touch with what you are doing. 

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Tips for using Social Media to find a job

The competition for jobs is going to get hotter as more people are laid-off. Maximising your time looking for jobs is essential.

Here’s a tip

Bookmark helpful articles on job search topics to read when needed. I would recommend creating lists for the following categories:

  • Creating the resume (CV)
  • Interview questions and technique
  • Cover letters
  • Creating your Personal brand
  • Personal website creation
  • Social networking
  • Job search strategies.

Have an interview tomorrow?
Now you have an entire library of interview and tips.

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It’s time to stop job interviews in public

On three occasions last week I found myself in a hotel lounge listening to a job interview being conducted at the next table. Given my interest in job transition I found it difficult to ignore what I was listening to.

What amazed me was the detail that some questions went into and forced the candidate to talk about “their weaknesses”, “failings” and so on in public. On one occasion I was even able to identify a past employer as well as the individual’s past boss.

I think that it’s time that head-hunters, recruitment companies and job search companies adopt a policy and practice that all job interviews or exploratory interviews are held behind closed doors.

It would be:

  1. professional,
  2. provide appropriate confidentiality,
  3. deliver a better result in that the candidate would be more relaxed
  4. Prevents head-hunters that do interview in public looking “Cheap”

I personally feel that if I were to recruit a search company to find suitable senior staff for my company I would question the professionalism of a search company and the fees that they were charging if interviews were conducted in public and believe that the industry should outlaw such practices.

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