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Maria organises an assessment Centre

Maria has organised an assessment centre for a new Sales Manager. The intention is to interview six candidates, two internal. The process includes a number of exercises including a role play exercise in handling under-performing sales people, handling meetings, preparing sales reports as well as an interview. The day will be observed by a number of managers chosen from the Sales Director’s departmental responsibilities.

The Sales Director has elected not to be involved as he wants to distance himself from the selection procedure as the two internal candidates are already under notice of redundancy from his department.

There is one problem. It seems that a member of staff has found an email in a photo-copyer from the Sales Director to Maria stating that he’s not prepared to have either of the two existing staff members gain the job and a copy of the assessment centre exercises.

A copy of the email has found its way to one of the candidates. 

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John Shines

John has been with the department a few weeks and already he’s had to deal with some complicated issues surrounding policies on expenses and past claims as well as dealt with a number of return to work issues.
Already the MD is seeking out his advice.

It’s also been noticed that John is a great networker and has many friends in the media and newspapers through his father who is a producer at the BBC. His own network including many from his past companies as well as CIPD.

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Maria’s new assistant arrives

John previously worked in Maria’s HR Department in her previous company.
John is a qualified member of the CIPD as well as having a degree from Reading University.
He is currently half way through a MBA course.
John is single having just split from his girlfriend, plays golf, swims and likes collecting foreign banknotes.

The existing team thinks he’s very nice but are concerned as to how Maria and the new hire will act together.
Christine is particularly concerned as to her own position within the Department as she’s concluded that Maria doesn’t like her.

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Maria receives warning

At a meeting this afternoon with the MD Maria was told that her performance was not what had been anticipated.The MD told her that:

  1. She has alienated her team
  2. Provided poor advice to him and other Directors.

He has offered to help where he can but has suggested that the efficiency and reputation of HR must improve quickly or further action (unspecified) will have to follow.

Maria has replied that her existing team is “weak on change” but that her new assistant manager starts next week and that improvements will be expected soon after.

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Maria has to explain

Maria has been informed that a member of staff has complained that a disciplinary meeting conducted by Maria did not follow the ACAS code of conduct set out in April 2009 relatinmg to the calling of witnesses.

Maria has been told that the employee, who has now left the company, is making a claim for wrongful dismissal and the solicitor is wanting to move to tribunal. The CEO feels that compensation will have to be made to the employee and is placing the blame entirely at Maria’s feet for not being aware of disciplinary changes in procedure. Maria claims that the new procedure was only guidance.

As the employee was a direct report to the Sales Director it seems that she is unlikely to get any support from that direction.

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