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Assimilating-Talent works with CEO’s andcompanies who are struggling because their time is constantly being diverted towards ensuring that their “top talent” stays within the business or because their new hires have failed to be as successful for the business as they had originally hoped.

I founded Assimilating-Talent (previously The Business Relationship Consultancy) in 1999 after watching a series of new directors make disastrous business decisions that eventually ruined a large and successful company. Since then Assimilating-Talent has been researching business relationships and specifically transition management and why so many people in a new job go on to fail, despite previous job success, or fail to deliver projects where they have substantial expertise.

To give you an idea of some of the research. Statistics reveal that 40% of executives in a new job begin to fail within their first few months and that 50% of top talent will leave a company after a merger and acquisition. I now help companies to identify and retain their top talent and mentor their executives when entering a new job.

The models developed from the research are applicable to full-time employees, interim management as well as consultants and salespeople working with new clients. The outcome enables people to become net contributors to the wealth of a business faster than is normally experienced.

In 2005 we used the research to publish a book titled “Why do 40% of Executives Fail?” which advises both individual executives and the organisations who employ them on how to reduce the risk of failure.

During 2006 we developed “The Interviewless Interview”. A model that allows companies to save time and money on the selection of senior executives and which increases the effectiveness of the process.

In 2007 we developed the “Top Talent Audit”. The Audit enables businesses to easily assess their ability to attract and retain their Top Talent despite appraches from their competition and headhunters. If you would like to receive a FREE Top Talent Audit (pdf) then please email me and I’ll be delighted to send you one

Assimilating Talent has delivered work for: BBC for Business, Business Links, Cancer Research UK, The Cost Reduction Partnership, The Doctors Laboratory, The Institute of Credit Management, The Office of The Rail Regulator, The Strategic Rail Authority, TCS Publishing in Amsterdam, Radio Times, Three Valleys Water and Violia Environmental, as well as many smaller businesses and individual senior managers.

As a Business Speaker and writer

As well as managing Assimilating-Talent I’m a business speaker and writer on job transition and Top Talent retention. My most requested business talks include: “Why Don’t More than 60% of Executives Succeed in a New Job?” and “The Future in the War For Top Talent”.

I’ve delivered keynotes at The Said Business School at Oxford University, Loughborough University, The University of Hertfordshire, BBC for Business, CIPD, Institute of Credit Management, Institute of Directors, CBI, Institute of Leadership and Management, Business Links, B2B conference, SumTotal systems user conference, Clydesdale Bank, TCS in Amsterdam, Women in Business forum, Arsenal Football Club amongst others.

Contact Details:
Email:      stephen@assimilating-talent.com
Tel:          0 (44) 1727 838321
Twitter:   Talentmentor

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