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Is a positive E-image important to attracting Top Talent?


Research shows that Top Talent all over the world is adept at identifying companies that they wish to join and for lifestyles they want to enjoy.

  • In Malaysia 47% of Top Talent is looking for a new job
  • In singapore the figure is 40%
  • Australia  33%
  • Thailand  32%
  • China  31%
  • UK  40%

Much of this talent identifies companies thay wish to work for by surfing the internet. They are looking for companies that will look good on their resume and for lifestyles that they will find attractive. As such the company website will often be the first gateway to attracting Top Talent

A positive E-image is, therefore, important to attracting and retaining Top Talent in a business.

What should this image look like and which companies do you know that have a positive e-image?

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Interview nightmares

Have you a story of a job interview that went wrong?For instance: The Accountant that sat in front of the interview panel with his flies undone with his white pants showing through.
or the interviewer who got the application notes muddled up and interviewed the “wrong candidates” all day.

If something similar has happened to you then we would love to know


Pay and Rewards for Top Talent

Do companies that recruit top talent?need to?pay more to attract and retain the top talent?

There are many reasons why top talent is attracted to a company and pay is often lower down on the list than we might expect. Firstly top talent tends to be hungry for knowledge, it’s often what makes them top talent in the first place. So if our business can offer learning and development opportunities then it will attract and retain top talent.

If there is a culture of training and development, coaching and mentoring opportunities with people that the top talent?respects, the prospect of promotion and development, working with other top talent and being part of a growing and successful company then top talent will want to join, even if this means compromising substantially on salary.

Secondly top talent will be attracted to a business that’s recognised as being (or will be) a market leader. Often top talent will delay rewards such as pay as these people will look for opportunities to grow and develop their skills and experience.

Companies that are serious about attracting and retaining top talent will pay a competitive salary and ensure that it remains competitive.

However it’s the non-pay actions that attracts and retains the top talent in the first place.

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How To Attract and Retain Top Talent

In my regular discussions with CEO’s and the leaders of large multi-national businesses about the value of top talent to their business we will often conclude that:

  1. A top talent company means having top talent in all areas of the business. A business can’t survive with top talent at the top or in specific areas of the business whilst having little top talentin all the other parts of the business.
  2. Many organisations fail to recognise that they may already have top talent within their business. As a result they will often seek to recruit expensive outsiders. This is because they don’t have a system for identifying their top talent at an early stage in the employment cycle.
  3. Top talent is often attracted to the prospect of personal development as opposed to a high salary.
  4. A company filled with top talent will always attract other top talent to it
  5. A company filled wwith top talent will grow faster, be seen as a market leader and produce more profits than its competition.

When describing how the above impacts upon a business I will often make the analogy to a highly successful restaurant. Any restaurant that fills all of its tables every night and has a full diary of forward bookings will have acapable, stable and motivated team of chefs in the kitchen. However having a team of top talent creating the product, in this case food, is not enough. To provide a great customer eating experience there must be a team of professional front of house and waiting staff to meet, greet and serve the customers. Otrher aspects such as decor, entertainment value and ease of access may play a part but the main criteria are the people and the product.

However if that top talent leaves the restaurant this is often immediately noticeable by regular customers. Either the food or the service will suffer and customers immediately will stay away in droves.

Why top talent is attracted to a business:

  • The work is interesting and challenging
  • There are promotion opportunities
  • The company will look good on the CV
  • High performers are recruited and looked after
  • There is a boss or mentor that is admired
  • The company has a good reputation and is a strong performer
  • There is long-term commitment to top talent
  • Culture and values are liked
  • There is trust in the senior management
  • Top talent is recognised and rewarded for their individual and team contribution

Why top talent leaves a business

  • There is change in the management that does not appreciate the top talent
  • There is conflict with immediate superiors
  • Close friends (other top talent) leaves
  • There are no further learning opportunities
  • Another company will look better on the resume (CV)

Stephen?Harvard Davis is described as the UK’s leading authority on job transition and is the author of “Why do 40% of Executives Fail?”. He also advises companies on transion managment and attracting and retaining top talent within a business. He is also a sought after speaker at high level conferences and business meetings.

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