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UK Top Talent can’t Compete with Globalisation

Globalisation means that in many ways it’s easier to have technology designed in India, Far Eastern manufacturing products produced in China and labour from Eastern Europe to undertake the jobs those in the UK don’t want to do.

Indeed, for some time it’s been possible to give “a brief” for artwork for an online brochure at 3pm one afternoon and wake up the following morning for the brochure to be already uploaded onto a professionally produced new website that had been designed and placed on the net and is ready to take orders online.

And all of this for one sixth of the cost you would pay in the UK!
So has or will UK Talent and many businesses price themselves out of the marketplace?


How do “Office Politics” impact on success?

How important is understanding office politics to success?

What types of actions are acceptable and what types of actions unacceptable, or is it all fair in love and war?

Where can you learn how to “play the game”?

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