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Maria is sacked and given a choice

Maria had a meeting with the CEO this morning and has been told that due to unsatisfactory performance she is being moved from HR to leading an administration team.
As she is within the twelve month probationary period the decision is within this time-scale, however, the CEO is reluctant to dismiss her as she is a “senior member of staff” and he wants to be seen to be as supportive as possible to his senior team.

John will take over as head of HR and Maria will start in her new role on Monday.

Maria asked what alternatives she had and was told that either she accepted the situation or was dismissed as per her contract of engagement. Maria has left to go home early.

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Maria has gone sick

Maria has been calling in sick with stress and a cold.

In the meantime her assistant is solidifying his position.
The CEO and Sales Director are coming to rely on John more and more and have already identified him as a successor to Maria when she leaves.

It’s likely that on Maria’s return from her illness that a meeting to “discuss her position and future” will be arranged.

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Rumblings over Maria continue

A lot of blame is being heaped onto Maria by the Sales Director and the CEO. Both suggest that it was her fault that one of the candidates found details of the assessment centre process in the photocopier. However as there were seven sets of the documentation distributed it’s uncertain that any one person can be identified as the culprit.

It looks as if Maria is seeking advice on what to do next and whether it is time to consider her future and she is thinking that a change is appropriate before she is forced to leave.

She has taken advice from the CIPD and her husband who also works in HR.

However, is there any advice you could give her?

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