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No consensus on Olympic stadium …why I’m not surprised

Is it any wonder that the decision on the future of London’s 2012 Olympic stadium has had to be delayed. The Olympic Park Legacy Company says it needs more time to study rival bids from Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham.

The problem is always the same when there are too many people with differing outcomes that need to give their approval. According to the BBC Any OPLC recommendation will have to be ratified by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and the Department of Communities and Local Government, and the London Mayor’s office.

Each of these groups have a different perspective but they also want to be able to claim any success for whatever decision that’s made. Then again they will also wish to deflect any criticism if it all goes wrong!

In my experience any business team with such diverse outcomes is destined to fail and the result can only result in more expense to Londoners who will be expected to pick up any bill.

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I’m fed up…

I’m fed up and tired with the number of emails that I get offering to share the secrets of on-line riches and how to earn $2000, $4,000 a month or more by using Twitter, facebook and other social network sites. Proof of their success is always provided by testimonials and their Paypal or Clickbank account statements and it all looks very impressive and plausable.

Indeed some people are running weekend long sales seminars where a troop of people all explain how they have made a fortune on-line and promise to share the same information with a small group…for a fee and it’s all guaranteed!

However, I work to the rule that one of my friends, who runs a hugely successful social media site, who said “When considering products on-line, the one thing to remember is that no one has a goal to make you rich”

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“How to Find a Dream Job Using Social Media”

So many of my friends and VIP clients have asked me how they can use social media to find a job that I’ve written a 40 page e-book to give them the information they needed. As a reader of my blog I’d like to offer you the same package.

Included is how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as many other sites.

The film explains more and the whole package can be ordered HERE

Social media ebook

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Tips for using Social Media to find a job

If you’ve been listening to the news on the BBC today you will have heard that there are 27 Graduates after every job available. It’s daunting to think that almost whatever job we apply for there will be people just as qualified, sometimes better, going for the same job.

So how do we make ourselves stand out from the crowd at an interview and particularly if we don’t have much employment experience behind us?

  • Consider the gap year (if you had one or are about to have one) and leverage learning points from that time. Employers are all to willing to listen to “gap year adventures”  as long as they bring to the job some enthusiasm, experience of overcoming problems and a wider focus on the world.
  • If you find yourself with time to spare, how can you fill it doing something worthwhile that delivers leadership skills, care skills and so on. Running a youth football team or other charitable work could be something you would find interesting.
  • Offering your services to a national or local politician as a researcher or office worker. Who knows, you might get a job out of it.

Make sure that these experiences are added onto your on-line resume (CV) as soon as you start so as to keep people in touch with what you are doing. 

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