How easy is to panic a team?

The current fuel crisis in the UK where car drivers are panic buying and hoarding petrol when there’s not even a strike has been blamed on Government Ministers using inappropriate language and predictions of shortages.

Team Panic
Panicking a country seems to be quite easy with a few ill-chosen words and a news hungry media ready to report any impending crisis even where there isn’t one.
But I’ve been thinking, We’ve all experienced a situation when a team becomes concerned, team members start to leave and even down tools but “How easy is it to panic a team?”

A must watch and very funny video
A video that clearly demonstrates how individuals will follow the majority (or perceived majority) can be seen HERE. Whilst it’s very funny, think about it! It’s called the elevator experiment on group behaviour. It shows that people will conform to a norm.

In a wider context the more a team behaves as one the greater the chance that it will influence others. So when a Government panics, it will panic the country.

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