It’s madness!

Over the last few weeks I’ve become increasingly frustrated dealing with financial services companies and banks that have “Rules” that suit themselves and NOT the customer!

One company has dealt with me through their call centre and despite asking on a number of occasions “Is there any more information you need?” seemingly can only request oner item at a time! As a consequence I’ve written four letters to them on different topics, sent off proof of identity twice and made num,erous calls. In fairness they have dealt with my complaints and even sent me £60 in compensation for mistakes they’ve made.

Play the game of “Frustrate the customer as much as we can!”
I have been told that relpying to a letter could take between 10 and 50 days! (Seemingly the management haven’t heard of email)

Then today I go in to pay a cheque into my own bank account, having been a customer for 20 years, to be asked do you have “Proof of identity”.
The told that it will take five days for the cheque to clear.

Has the world gone mad in this electronic age of the internet, immediate messaging, email and smartphone. Or do the Banks and Financial Institutions hate their customers so much that they play a game of “Frustrate the customer as much as we can!”

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